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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lisa Bellini Selling Breath, "What a Quack and Fraud for Selling Air"

from White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
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date Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 3:42 PM
subject Re: [active-indigos] 1/11/11 Meditation
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Relative Lisa Bellini,
If you wish to join the outer hoop, then email alightfromwithin@gmail.com by offering a blessing, otherwise, you have been repeatedly asked to share your heart, yet you use us, the hoops/groups as a telemarketing audience.

Grouply is forbidden with our hoops, it's an infestation. And apparently you run in packs. Like mind run together.  You have been removed from the hoops and group active-indigos@yahoogroups.com and will be removed from ALL our crystal or indigo children groups belonging to Alightfromwithin.Org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. 

Remove all email addresses you received while on the alightfromwithin.org hoops/groups Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and/or members of active-indigos@yahoogroups.com and other email contacts associated since your joining this yahoo group. You may not use any emails above mentioned, here of, in any of your telemarketing and/or sales promotional of self or context shared on the hoops, for your promotional knowledge, which I consider to be ignorance of crystal and indigo children. You may not use our subject matter for your convenience. This is binding and considered legal tender. 

Under the laws of Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley), California State of the United States of America, Heaven and Earth, I do declare what I say to be true and binding.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Lisa · 47 · Female 
Yahoo Id: crystal.healing333
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Joined: Aug 6, 2007
Remove Member:  Jan 11, 2011

Post Script: In the event, total removal of the hoops, has not been complete, when upon any works done by Lisa Bellini or from crystal.healing333@yahoo.com will be considered SPAM and permanently removed.

note by white buffalo calf woman: 

Ascension Activation Meditation a fancy word for BREATH.  Talk about selling what is free.  A traveling medicine show, now we call QUACKERY selling you the elixir of immortality. This person has no knowledge, but lots of ignorance and is selling you air.  Don't buy into her bad medicine or promised instant cures. For true love does not live with her, nor does evolution have a path within her teachings. True love is an exchange giving and receiving, not buying and selling. The spirit is free, air is free and religion is free, why pay for ignorance within Lisa Bellini's traveling medicine show, when you got the internet. Check things out for yourself. If you want spiritual guidance, go the Lakota people and be sure you have a present from your heart for the exchange of love, because the spirit is not for sale.

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Lisa Bellini  wrote:

Tonight's (1/11/11) meditation will be held via telephone
conference due to the snowstorm.

It will be an Ascension Activation Meditation with an in
pouring of New Earth Energies. All are welcome to call in for this class. After payment is made via paypal. I will email those with the phone number and call in code around 8:50.

Ascension Activation Meditation
Accelerate your Ascension and Initiation process a thousandfold. Achieve your seven levels of Initiations and Ascension! The Ascension Activation Meditations are specifically designed to accelerate raising your vibration and your Ascension Process, the building of your Light Body and Light Quotient faster, quicker, and more efficiently then any other type of meditations you will find on earth. This is because these meditations will invoke the specific help on the inner plane from the Ascended Masters and Angels to help in this process. I like to call this type of Spiritual Work the "Rocketship of God"! 

Registration is required.
9:00 pm Eastern times zone

Price Reduced to $25.00 must be paid via Paypal
The phone number, code and prayers will be emailed to everyone who has
Ten minutes prior to the meditation. Please call in by 9:00 eastern time
See everyone on the Astral Plane.
Love and Light

Cost: $25.00
Please pay via credit card through
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[Active-Indigos: We recognize you as a spiritual being and welcome you to one family consciousness.  Here at Active-Indigos, we respectfully address the ascension, flesh or light and descending, soul or darkness, process while creating local sanctuaries on earth.  Thinking globally and acting locally while networking all spiritual communities and educating the workplace.
Elders come to be, when they stand to be free, to be heard of justice door, the place where all live to be, united in heart.  United when apart.  United in Spirit, to hold and have Heaven, inside the beginning, the Elders of the World.  Who come home to what is heard.  Who use love beyond all words.  To know when LOVE is true.  And Knows when we need the views, of pure light, of pure dark, of heaven and earth, abound as One who's gonna win.  It's the Elders who refuse to budge and look for hues, instead sea with their hearts, and prays about all things in the heart.

Willing tears will bring, the spring of blossoms who sing, songs of joy in everything.  This is the way Home.  Bring a song, bring an instrument, with a tune.  Bring your voice, a stick with many hues, and your drum which need be your open song, let us sing along!]

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Do you need a scold, then let me be so bold, to tell you how, unfair you are, because you did not roam (seek the other shore, the heart that needed you). You have to forgive the world, because it's all their fears. And when you claim all the voices within, then you do not know your own. We belong to each other. It's the sign of the weather (evolution's end, this phase). And we do need you to phone (to heaven). Pick up your hands and pray,"God help me be better today, but if I don't, then I'll hear the shout, those who notice all my ills, because I did not pray with faith". Instead, you hung your head in disgrace. Know of love, forgive all, like doves, then you will find a sacred way, when you bow down, in your heart and forgive!

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