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Those Who Need a Scold, Do Not Listen to What is Told! Now Love Will Shape You and Hold, the Heart That Needs to Bee (Dream) Bold! Walk On Home Into the Heart! That is What Was Told...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Melchizedic, Sananda and Thoth

Those who think they walk with Melchizedic, Sananda (Jesus) or Thoth!

If Patanjali could see you now, he would find his beloved cow. But the cow forgot to purify and now the cow thinks he's God in thy. What makes you think you know God, when you charge to gift the law of love?

How can you know what Melchizedek would say, since you don't have any way, to reach the kingdom of God. If you cannot stand by the One
who gives passage, how can you even consider the passage. The right to enter Gods' kingdom is love and all who use money and Man's righteous laws will find his heart ripped from him in so many ways. How dare you use God to show your display. For God is Oneness the spirit who flies free, and no money is involved inside of thee. Watch out you criminals who all stand there, thinking your teaching God solemn prayer.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother!

Warriors of the Earth

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